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The book | Happiness doctor Anita Freimann

We all want to be happy, but in the haste of our daily life we tend to forget that happiness is not a destination, but a state of mind that lies outside the comfort zone. We are living our lives not questioning our thoughts, words and deeds, pretending that we cannot affect the quality and course of our life. But deep down we know that the truth is quite the opposite: we are all creators of our own happiness. The book  Courage on the Journey of Happiness by Anita Freimann, PhD, will encourage you to create a happy life. By taking on 12 challenges that engage your mind, spirit and body you will be guided to rethink your own life, think about where you are headed and how you wish to live. The mini-challenges will help you face fear and widen your horizons, thus preparing you to leave the comfort zone, within which you have been living your usual daily life walking along well known, familiar paths. By telling her own story and life’s experience the doctor of happiness will show you that it is possible to live happily, satisfied and in the present moment. With every page you turn the book will make you think and question everything you have so far learned. It will lead to expanding your circle of awareness and asking the right questions. The interactive characteristic of this book, that is reflected in over 200 inspiring sources (easily accessible by QR codes), makes it a page-turner. It will motivate you to keep it at hand at all times and make it your active companion on your road of happiness.

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and are you brave enough for happiness?




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