The 3H Food Concept is a plant based diet concept built largely on thermally unprocessed foods (natural food). The aim of 3H Food concept is to show you that food truly can and should work for your health, that the preparation of healthy and tasty food must not take hours and that you need not sacrifice pleasure and eat tasteless food. The preparation of this kind of food is quick and simple, while the recipes are conceived in a way that is both beginner-friendly and suitable for those with more culinary experience. With 3H Food you will learn more about the food you consume, about more or less healthy methods to prepare certain foods and you will get to know your body more, by making those changes and positive steps that you are ready to make in a given moment.   
3H stands for Happy, Healthy and Hedonic because it is my firm belief that this is precisely what food needs to be.

Happy – one of the activities that stimulates the centers for pleasure in the brains of all organisms the most is eating. When we eat, we are happy, dopamine and endorphins are  released. The Happy component in the 3H Food concept points to the importance of being happy while preparing food, while eating it and after the meal, i.e. that food can and should help us to keep happy minds, spirits and bodies. Likewise, the foods we use should also be happy (i.e. organically and ethically grown, GMO free etc.). 

Healthy – the food we eat affects our whole body, all our organs and our mental state. Food is so much more than just its flavor. Our bodies are perfect machines powered by carbohydrates (sugars), fats (lipids), proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food, Hippocrates said a long time ago, but amidst the speed of life, the modern man often pays no importance to the quality of food he ingests and forgets that he literally becomes that what he eats. Industrially processed food and fast food can and never will be as healthy as homemade food. It is also not good for the environment, which is again in turn not healthy for ourselves.   

Hedonic – we eat not only because we need energy and because we are hungry, but for different emotional challenges and imbalances. We want food that pleases the eye, but that is most of all tasty and that will satisfy all our taste buds. With the 3H Food concept I will show you that healthy food can, and of course should be tasty. I will show you that you need not sacrifice your sensory pleasures to be healthy and/or enjoy food. This can all be achieved in one meal – one must simply know how to prepare it.

After many years of personal experience in preparing and consuming natural foods, numerous natural food workshops, I expanded the knowledge of the year-round education “Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator Course”. This education, led by Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, is unique in the world because it provides in-depth and scientific arguments for an approach to raw food that has been based on over 30 years of clinical and applied experience.